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North American International School

Our Vision

To create an outstanding international learning community which empowers students to achieve their potential, become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

Our Mission

NAIS an accredited American Curriculum School provides a caring, multicultural environment that inspires students to become global minded critical thinkers.

Our Core Values









An enormous amount of learning takes place in the first few years of life, and it is at this time that the greatest care must be taken to ensure that learning and development happen in the right direction.


To lay a solid base of learning at the elementary stage. At this stage the program supports a co-operative approach to inquiry and problem-solving through interaction.

Middle School

This is a time of transition; physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

High School

The NAIS High School Curriculum helps to develop critical thinking and analysis

About us

North American International School is a caring community where each individual is challenged to reach their pinnacle of success. Focus is on developing lifelong learners and future leaders.

Our staff teaches and inspires excellence in academics by continually reviewing and building an enriched American curriculum, promoting student achievement, encouraging integrity and nurturing a desire to learn.

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