NAIS Facilities

Food Service

The School offers nutritious food daily to students from Grade 1 onwards. There are snacks and drinks available in the school canteen.

Medical Service

The health of students is a vital concern. NAIS employs a full-time nurse who is responsible for giving medical aid to students and staff. She is available from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm daily. The school doctor deals with medical emergencies, makes referrals to other professionals. As and when needed, and maintains students and employee health records. The school doctor is available from 1:30 – 2:30pm. In case a student’s falls ill during the school day, a pass should be obtained from the teacher before proceeding to the clinic. In case of a serious illness or injury, parents are notified and the student is taken to the local hospital. A student must not leave campus for health reasons unless the school doctor and/or Principal have granted permission.

Medical Forms (Click the Word file Icon to download form):

Letter for refused vaccination in the school premises

Consent for Immunization

Sports Service

The Astro Turf soccer field is available for all students. A tennis court, basketball court, throw ball court and badminton court are also present in the school premises. There are gyms and table tennis rooms in each section. The Kindergartens have a special indoor Activity Room for play. Special play areas for the kindergartens are also available near the Dining Room and their classes.

Hussain Auditorium

The state of the art Hussain Auditorium has a lights and sounds system to hold various school plays, activities and competitions. It has a seating capacity of 280 people.

Audio Visual Facilities

An audio-visual room with a large flat screen television is available with a variety of educational movies to enhance learning. Each class has projectors and smart boards.

Text Books & Note Books

Some textbooks are loaned to students from the school book store. The teacher/librarian notes the serial number and conditions of the book when it is loaned. Students must write their names in all books issued to them. It is essential the books be covered to save wear and tear. Each textbook must be returned to the teacher/librarian at the end of the course in good condition. Students are required to pay a fine to the accounts office covering damage to or loss of books. A replacement is issued only after the fine has been paid and a receipt obtained. Notebooks, workbooks and other textbooks can be bought from the bookstore.

School Clubs

The School offers a range of extra-curricular activities in order to strike a perfect balance between academic and non-academic activities.


The NAIS Library is a unique resource to the school community. It is the primary source of the reading material on a variety of subjects. In addition to its print media materials, the library has facilities for net-based resources and an on-line database of periodicals for student’s research.

These resources are available to students from Sunday to Thursday, between 8:00am to 2:30pm. Books are available for renewable periods. The Library charges Dhs. 2/= per day as overdue fines.

Locker Service

Students from grade 6-12 are assigned lockers on the first day of school. It is the responsibility of each student to keep his/her locker neat and locked.Books and other materials may not be left on top of lockers or anywhere other than inside lockers. The school will b=not be held responsible for theft from lockers. In case of damage of locker or lose of key, the student has to pay a fine.

Phone Calls

Usage of mobile phones is forbidden, unless supervised by school staff. The main office phone is available for students to use in case of emergency. No other calls will be permitted.Parents may leave messages for students with the school at reception desk. Students will be called from class only in case of an emergency.

Information Technology Services

NAIS recognizes the value of the internet as a powerful tool for research and communication and would like to make this resource available for students. In order to prevent misuse of this facility, the school sets guidelines for use.Penalties and disciplinary actions will be applicable to students who violate the terms of the NAIS Acceptable Use Policy.

  •  Every student will have access to the Internet

  •  Students are encouraged to use the Internet for research in ways that promote the educational goals of the school as outlined in the Mission Statement.

  • Students may copy research material (text, images but not downloadable executable files – files which contain computer programs) from the internet for school use.

  •  Students may access web-based personal email accounts with permission from the supervising teacher for educational  purposes.

  •  Students will not visit sites containing objectionable material (sexually explicit sites, hate sites, or those exhibiting  violence or lewd language) or with any content that might be deemed damaging or unsuitable.

  •  Students will not try to hack into areas where access has been restricted – for example, other’s private folders, sites or  information which may be protected or confidential, or sites which have been banned by the school’s filtering.

  •  Students may not send or receive emails which contain abusive, insulting or sexually explicit language, or open any  attachments of any kinds.

  •  Students will not use the internet for chatting (Unless guaranteed special permission for educational purpose) or for  any other purpose which is deemed a waste of resources.

  •  Student will not download any files from the internet unless guaranteed permission by the teacher or lab administrator  to do so.

  •  Students will respect international copyright laws when copying material from the internet.

  •  Students will not use the internet for political or commercial purposes.

  •  Students will not log into anyone else’s account. Students who allow their accounts to be misused by another student  are liable to the same consequences as the offending students.

  •  Students will not use school computers for games or for other non-educational purposes.

  •  Instances of music will be reported to the appropriated authorities and will be lead to loose of internet or computer privileges for a determined period.

  •  Continued offenses will lead to suspension or expulsion.

  •  In addition, any loose of or damage to computer equipment or data caused by irresponsible behavior will result in a fine equivalent to the replacement cost.

NAIS Student Council

NAIS pupils are divided into three Houses.

The house system aims to promote friendly competition which improves performance. The houses recognize achievement in support, positive contributions to community life, as well as academic excellence and noticeable contributions to the arts. Trained prefects assist in the day-to- day running of the respective houses. This in turn fosters a system of positive peer pressure.

Each house is led by a House Mistress, House Captain, Prefects and Class Captains. The school has established a Student Council, headed by Head Girl and Head Boy. The three houses captains lead their houses with assistance from prefects and class captains.


NAIS provides well equipped science laboratories and computer laboratories to facilitate learning of students. ICT suites with interactive white boards are also available to the students.
Library has computers with internet access for research. A Drama Studio, Music Room and Art Room are also available.

School Magazine

The School Magazine is published annually. Student’s articles, poems and art work are highlighted, thus encouraging their creativity.


Pupils must conform to regulations regarding the school uniform. The complete school uniform must be worn during the school hours, for all exams and when traveling to and from school. Cleanliness and neatness are basic requirements. Sets of readymade school uniforms in varied sizes are available in the uniform store in school.

Girls: (KG – Grade 3)
• Checked skirt
• White blouse with NAIS logo
• White socks/ Safe flat black shoes only
• School jackets are allowed on cooler days

Girls: (Grade 4 – 12)
• Navy blue knee length/long skirt
• White full sleeved blouse with NAIS logo
• White socks/ Safe flat black shoes only
• School jackets are allowed on cooler days

Hair must be styled in such a way that features are not obscured – no multiple braids or curls allowed. Long hair is to be tied back. No flashy colored hair, streaky colored hair, and spikes allowed. Make up, and/or flashy jewelry is not permitted. Only one pair of stud earrings is allowed. No body-piercing allowed. No nail polish.

Boys: (KG – Grade 3)
• Checked knee length short
• White shirt with NAIS logo
• White socks/Safe, flat, black shoes
• School jackets are allowed on cooler days

Boys: (Grade 4 – 12)
• Navy blue full length pant
• White full sleeved shirt with NAIS logo
• White socks/Safe, flat, black shoes
• School jackets are allowed on cooler days

Short hair above the shirt collar and ears – style must be neat and modest, no spike and “design” allowed. No jewelry allowed. No earrings and body-piercing allowed.

• Navy blue full/knee length track pant
• Red short sleeved T-shirt with NAIS logo
• White socks/white sports shoes

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